US House to Vote Health Care Retract

Republicans, particularly from the fiscally conservative wing, emboldened by their victories in last November’s elections and, as promised, will tackle the healthcare reform bill. Fighting back Democratic leaders warned against the uproar that will follow repealing a health care provision that closes a coverage gap in the Medicare prescription drug program for seniors (the Donut Hole). In actuality full repeal of the health care law is still not likely. The quick thumbs-down vote by the House will have, tremendous utility and value, but it may take electing a Republican president in Obama’s place to accomplish the overall goal.
The reality of the bill being repealed is practically zero. Many Republican opponents feel it is just part of a ploy to tie up Congress until the next presidential elections.
Challenges to the constitutionality of the health care law are working their way toward the Supreme Court. Repealing Healthcare Reform will make the Republican legacy for this Congress a clear vote against the middle class. Repealing Health care Reform will kill Americans. While the bill will pass in the House of Representatives, it stands no chance in the Senate. While ultimately Healthcare Reform is here to stay, Republican’s attempt to stall will create unnecessary angst of Americans. A vote to repeal in the House passes with some Democrat support. A federal judge declares the legislation unconstitutional. A vote to repeal the bill in the Senate goes along party lines and fails. Unions have sought exemptions as well. Health insurance rates continue to rise as insurance companies’ anticipation higher costs resulting from the plan’s implementation. Fewer doctors are willing to accept Medicare and Medicaid patients. The best that those receiving Medicare and Medicaid benefits can hope for is that the politician’s fast-track the health care case to the Supreme Court and a decision regarding constitutionality bill is rendered. Politicians may want to do this in hopes that health care won’t be headline news going into the next election. For the average citizen such a ruling may clarify the coverage situation.

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